Acne? Blame it on your soap. 3 facts that make lye soap an acne cure

Acne has become a headache to many in the United States. Everyone, right from teens to people in their mid forties, suffer from it and are constantly seeking cure for it. Though doctors and dermatologists offer cures in the name of therapies and treatments, not every cure works as desired. Some fail miserably, while some others set off a series of other skin-related problems. With awareness about synthetic and chemical products rising, people are turning toward natural remedies for acne. But how far do these natural remedies work? And how ‘natural’ are these natural remedies? No one knows the answers.

Cause for acne: People indicate several causes for acne. Myths on how and why acne develops range from chocolates to dairy products to fast food and dehydration. But are these the direct causes of acne? Let’s take a look.

Chocolates and acne have no connection whatsoever. The flavonols in chocolates are pretty good for the body, and of course, the fake synthetic fats in them are bad for our health, but they generally do not directly cause acne. Dairy products contain natural vitamins and nutrients to keep our bones strong. Now, there is widespread talk on why not to use low-fat calcium products as it cannot be deposited on the bones. However, there is nothing in dairy that can cause acne. Similarly, fast food, dehydration and other stuff do not cause acne directly. Though stress, hormones and genes are stated to be a cause, it has been identified that there was no acne before World War II, that is before the use of chemical soaps. Yes, chemicals soaps are said to be a cause of acne. Natural soaps, however, cure acne. In a way, soap can said to be both the cause and cure for acne.

Lye soap as an acne cure: Lye is a caustic chemical that should be handled only with protective gear. Then, how can lye soap be a cure for acne? The reasons are simple: lye, when mixed with lard, is extremely gentle on the skin after saponification. Below are a few reasons on why lye soap is useful in curing acne:

1. Lye soap is natural soap: Natural meaning a soap minus chemicals. A natural lye soap is simple and easy to make. It does not involve complex processes, thereby eliminating the clumsy reactions of several chemicals. Since there are no chemicals in the process, your skin is saved from skin allergies and  trouble.

2. Lye soap has natural glycerin: Lard is very similar to the human skin. When combined with lye, after saponification, it forms soap with natural glycerin. This glycerin is soothing on the skin and eliminates many kinds of skin problems, including acne, psoriasis, poison ivy, bug bites, burns, ashes, dry skin etc. It is also a natural moisturizing agent.

3. Lye soap has no additives: Natural lye soap is completely devoid of additives like perfumes, fragrances, dyes etc. This makes it 100% natural and free from artificial odors and scents. This is why lye soap helps hunters as it removes human scent without natural flavors. It also makes your skin glow on account of its good lather and natural cleansing properties.

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