Lye Bagels: The story of how Polish dough came to rule American palates

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Bagels. Beugals. Old Yiddish bread. Whatever the name, Bagels have a special place in the American gastronomical history. Originated in Poland, the bagels migrated to United States and Canada along with the Eastern European immigrants. Traditionally, a round-shaped yeasted wheat dough which is boiled and baked, bagels are dense and chewy inside and brown and [...]

Glycerin to lye soap: 10 steps to make lye soap from biodiesel byproducts

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We know that lye plays a significant role in the making of biodiesel. But what most of us don’t know is lye soap can be made with the byproducts of biodiesel. Yes, glycerin, a byproduct from the manufacturing process of biodiesel can be made into lye bar soaps when appropriate contents are added to it. [...]

Making biodiesel with lye: 12 foolproof guidelines to follow

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Biodiesel is an alternative diesel that can be directly used in your diesel engines. It has a high level of viscosity which makes it a great lubricant in diesel engines than your regular petroleum diesel. It also reduces emission levels drastically, making biodiesel the best of its kind biofuel for a greener and better environment. [...]

How and where to buy lye: 4 down-to-earth tips that work

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Buying lye can be a problem these days. For all its uses, properties and various advantages (and caustic effects), lye is sometimes not readily available for users now. This is because, Red Devil Lye, the sole  lye brand died years ago, forcing soap makers to look for other options.

Caustic preservative, crispy food: All you need to know about lye water

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Generic usage of lye varies from soap making to cleaning to industrial and chemical uses. Of course, people know that lye can be used as a preservative in food processing, but many abhor from it considering the possible harmful effects. However, there are several benefits to lye water and this article will elaborate on some [...]

No more bad hair days: The truth about lye and no-lye hair relaxers

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“Beauty draw us with a single hair.” (A. Pope). “The hair is the richest ornament of women” (Martin Luther). “A hair in the head is worth two in the brush” (Oliver Herford). How important is hair in our lives! The bald man seizes every therapy to grow hair, while the African woman tries her best [...]

Acne? Blame it on your soap. 3 facts that make lye soap an acne cure

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Acne has become a headache to many in the United States. Everyone, right from teens to people in their mid forties, suffer from it and are constantly seeking cure for it. Though doctors and dermatologists offer cures in the name of therapies and treatments, not every cure works as desired. Some fail miserably, while some [...]

DIY with lye: 7 great reasons to make lye soaps, cleaners on your own

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Buying things from stores is not that difficult and many prefer it to messing up with things as a do-it-yourselfer. True. DIY advocates often mess up with things. But they do so only in the initial stages and ultimately come out as experts in their art. When you make a product out of a caustic [...]

Lye soap for Poison Ivy malaise: 5 tips to treat Poison Ivy dermatitis

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Millions are infected with the poison ivy malaise every spring or summer. The plant is very harmful and poisonous to the human skin, causing a condition that can result in inflammation, blisters, lesions and even fever. Since prevention is better than cure, it is better to avoid contact with the poison ivy plant and thereby [...]

How to clean cast iron cookware with lye: 11 practical steps

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Cast iron cookware is an age-old kitchen item. Prevalent since the times of our grandmothers and great grandmothers, it was one of the most valued and much used cookware then. Later, with the advent of modern cookware, its application deteriorated. But now, it is staging a comeback. Thanks to its excellent and versatile appeal, it [...]