Lye soap for Poison Ivy malaise: 5 tips to treat Poison Ivy dermatitis

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Millions are infected with the poison ivy malaise every spring or summer. The plant is very harmful and poisonous to the human skin, causing a condition that can result in inflammation, blisters, lesions and even fever. Since prevention is better than cure, it is better to avoid contact with the poison ivy plant and thereby [...]

How to clean cast iron cookware with lye: 11 practical steps

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Cast iron cookware is an age-old kitchen item. Prevalent since the times of our grandmothers and great grandmothers, it was one of the most valued and much used cookware then. Later, with the advent of modern cookware, its application deteriorated. But now, it is staging a comeback. Thanks to its excellent and versatile appeal, it [...]

The ubiquitous lye: How to use lye soap for everything at home

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For all its toxic properties and harmful effects, lye or Sodium Hydroxide in soap form can be made ubiquitous at your home. Lye soap, which was once conceived to be a brutal and rough detergent and not a body soap, has grown to become a bath soap that is soft and gentle on the skin. [...]

Making cold process lye soap: 17 guidelines that work without hiccups

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Cold process method of soap making is a versatile method when it comes to working with creative recipes which include both oils and fats. It allows you make soaps that are milder and more natural in texture and work better than their commercial cousins. However, you need to follow your recipe to the last detail [...]

Grandmother’s recipes: 3 lye-lard soap recipes you would love to try

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When one talks of lye soap, one talks of grandmother’s soaps. Though lye is used as an ingredient in many soaps, today it would be considered a bit old fashioned to make purely lye-based soaps. However, lye can be made into soaps for the same reasons our colonial ancestors used it. With modern science, we [...]

Food Grade Lye and Making Pretzels

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Lye is used in the baking of pretzels, in order to create the glaze on top of the pretzel. You allow the pretzels to sit in a lye bath, and the lye will cake the glaze right on it. Here’s an example recipe: For this recipe you’ll need: 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon yeast 1 [...]

Sodium Hydroxide and soap making: 5 uses of lye soaps you just can’t ignore

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Sodium Hydroxide is used variously in all sorts of domestic cleaning and laundry products. The most common use of lye is in the soap making industry. Soap makers simply cannot do without a lye soap, so much so that there are some who say, all soap is lye soap. As an alkali, lye reacts strongly [...]

It’s lye all over: 9 common and less-known industrial uses of lye

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If you think that the use of lye is circumscribed only to soap making and domestic cleaning, you maybe wrong. Lye or caustic soda has an array of industrial applications too. An essential ingredient in multifarious industrial processes, lye is normally produced by the chlor-alkali process which involves use of brine solution. When manufactured through [...]

When your whites turn yellow: Pros and cons of bleaching with lye

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Imagine your favorite white T-shirt turning yellow or cream or a shade of gray. Whites are not white if they fail to have a gleam in them. The initial newly-bought gleam fades away and all our white clothes turn yellow in course of time. To restore the whiteness of our clothes, we use bleaches. Bleaches [...]

Touch wood: 6 tips to use lye to refinish your old wood furniture

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What do you do when your wood furniture starts showing signs of age? Aged wood has a lot of marks, stains and blotches on its surface. It is often ugly to look at and may not sync in with new wood if you want to make some new piece of furniture with old wood. This [...]