Lye Soap Making

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Lye is a key ingrediant in soap making. To make soap, you mix water and lye with a fat or oil, and the chemical reaction turns the oil into soap. The lye turns the oil into soap, in a process called saponification. First you’re going to need a recipe, and materials. I enjoy this one. [...]

Poisoned with lye: Symptoms, treatments and emergency what-to-dos

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What is it to be poisoned with lye? TERRIBLE. It can mean anything from burnt skin, corroded lungs to death. Remember, for all its uses, lye is a poison that should not be inhaled, touched or ingested into the body. You may meet with terrible consequences if you happen to be victims of lye poisoning. [...]

Transparent lye soap: 15 how-to-make steps and guidelines

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Lye soap can be transparent too. To achieve that you need to reduce the lye to about 1% and add a lot of essential oils to the mixture. Since transparent soap means making a glycerin-rich soap, you need to include glycerin, alcohol and sugar solution in your recipe. This article will provide a step-by-step guide [...]

Oh my lye! 3 unknown, less-popular domestic uses of lye

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Lye should be a surprise for many reading this blog. Indeed, not many would have surmised that lye or sodium hydroxide or caustic soda would have a wide range of industrial and domestic uses. And not many would believe (without proof) that lye can be used in some unknown ways too. Apart from the usual [...]

Lye and curing foods

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Did you know that you can also cure foods with lye? It’s true. In the 1800s, lye was a very common way to preserve and cure meats and vegetables. Today, the biggest use that lye gets is with curing olives. All you have to do is soak the olives in the lye, and then in [...]

Shutdown your lizard brain: 5 modern techniques to try with lye soaps

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Lizard brains are brains that stick with the tested and proven methods. Bothered only about survival, they never ship any idea that is innovative or new. They stick to the basics, operate within the limited and shun the path-breaking. We can become lizard-brained with regard to soapmaking too. We can fail to notice the several [...]

Lye soap sine qua nons: 4 ways to find best supplies for your lye soap

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Lye soapmaking is easy if you know the trick of the trade. Anyone with a bare minimal amount of kitchen supplies (along with lye) can try making a natural lye soap. This is because the average soap is made only of three basic ingredients – lye, water and fat/oil. Soap fragrances, colorants, essential oils and [...]

Lye-soaked lutefisk: The heart and soul (and frenzy) of a Norwegian dinner

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“Nauseating sordid gunk”. “Unimaginably horrific”. “The most repulsive fish dish ever” Lutefisk has the notoriety of gaining such terrible reviews from people who are not accustomed to it. On the other hand, Americans of Norwegian or Scandinavian descent would hail it as manna served at the time of Christmas. Lutefisk is jellied cod, the kind [...]

6 reasons why natural lye soap is a greener choice (than detergents)

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Natural lye soap often means a dull-looking, handcrafted soap that lathers little and has no fragrance or color whatsoever. This is not always the case. Your lye soap can be made to look good, can be shaped differently and yet, still retain its natural properties. Natural lye soap is not just a cheaper choice, it [...]

Goat Milk with Lye: A natural recipe for young, glowing skin

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Goat Milk with Lye is popular in the soapmaking circles, but is an unusual combination to others. Soaps made out of goat milk mixed with lye are some of the best skincare soaps in the market. This is essentially because of the  rich content of goat milk and the fat-dissolving effect of lye. Rich in [...]